Transnational Demographic Expert Network meeting to be held in Sofia, 13-17 November

A meeting of the Transnational Demographic Expert Network

A meeting of the Transnational Demographic Expert Network of the countries participating in the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) will be held from 13 to 17 November in Sofia. The event will take place at the Kremikovtzi Centre for Human Resources Development and Regional Initiatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

An analytical report on the ongoing demographic changes and challenges to the SEECP participating countries will be presented at the event; it was prepared by Bulgarian researchers from the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. It outlines demographic processes through various indicators such as birth rate, mortality, migration, economic and social indicators, economic dynamics, labour market, etc.

The participants will learn about opportunities for financing of SEECP projects in the demographic area. Amodular training programme will be presented and discussed at the meeting; it is meant to build the capacity of administrations involved with demographic issues. The programme targets a wide range of social and labour market public administrations from the SEECP participating states, whose work concerns the formulation and implementation of policies on solving demographic problems. It will also include experts from research organisations, the non-governmental sector, and representatives of the social partners working on labour market issues and labour force development.  

The attendance of the meeting has been confirmed by representatives from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Montenegro, Moldova. Confirmation from Kosovo, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia is expected. Officials of the UN Population Fund, the Regional Cooperation Council, and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation will also take part in the event.